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We are a group of experts who have lived through the ugly, and turned bad to good.  With the real-world insight to transform the habits of your organization, our principled approach provides the right balance of guidance and execution to fuel strategy creation, manage change and drive you to success.

We don’t get paid by the word; we focus on outcomes.  Too often great strategies are abandoned because they are never fully realized, which is why we stay embedded and work with your team to create results.  Plenty of people can put plans together, but we make change happen.

Leadership Team
Nhi Nguyen, Founder

Jeremy Starns, Partner

Nhi has a passion for process, motivation, and accountability which she uses to convert strategies into outcomes.  She founded Agilify on the belief that any organization can achieve its goals with the appropriate discipline. As an entrepreneur Nhi has led organizations in the biotech, software, and construction space using her methodologies to drive change and create sustainability. She is a Professional Scrum Master (PSM I) and agilist who has spent the last decade delivering enterprise software for public and private sector clients.  


Business and technology innovator with a track record of building successful organizations that create value for shareholders, investors, and employees. Jeremy brings a strategic vision and dynamic leadership style that galvanizes individuals to achieve a common vision. Over the last 20 years Jeremy has consulted an array of organizations from startups to the Fortune 50, often serving in C-level roles for his clients.  More than 15 years of entrepreneurial effort created a dozen businesses, raised millions in angel investment and realized double digit returns for investors. 


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