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AGILE Transformation

Our AGILE transformation services provide for the successful delivery of your strategy by creating transparency, changing work habits, and measuring outcomes.  Agilify will educate your team on the concepts and then guide them through the process of self-organizing to create results.  We will help to identify bad habits and assist you in creating and sustaining new ones that drive continuous improvement throughout your organization.


Crisis Management

Crisis comes in many forms, from natural disaster to compliance and governance concerns; however, they all negatively impact your business and threaten the security of your organization.  Agilify understands that when crisis occurs it is critical to create and execute a plan with the appropriate state of mind.  Our team will dig in with you to provide the support required to weather the storm.

Strategy Scoring

Great strategies are only as good as your ability to execute them.  A solid strategy starts by understanding your capabilities, which is why Agilify first seeks to understand the DNA of your company and its leaders.  This approach scores your strategy across an array of measures from organizational maturity to market conditions and adjusts the focus to opportunities that align with your strengths while setting realistic expectations and outcomes.  


Program Management

Managing large complex programs that deliver the required business results is at the core of the Agilify mission.  We know that persistent leadership is the key to ensuring your strategic vision becomes a reality.  Our agilists provide the program and project management functions necessary to change organizational habits and drive accountability for your teams.


Product Management (ALM)

Software is the fuel for innovation and requires ongoing investment in the marketing, design, development and adoption of business critical applications.  Our modified ALM aligns business outcomes and software engineering by providing a structured approach to not only requirements, architecture, coding, testing, and release management, but also the business model, function priority, and messaging required to monetize your investment in internal or external software applications. 


Application Development

From automating simple business processes to revolutionizing an industry, custom application development provides the efficiency and competitive advantage required to stay relevant in today’s landscape.  Agilify leverages its AGILE roots for rapid development of priority functionality that balances organizational impact with the appropriate human and capital investment.  From simple mobile apps to enterprise software our dynamic team of SCRUM Masters, developers, and testers will deliver the business value you demand.  


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